Problems Activating or Updating SpyHunter?

When SpyHunter does not activate or update properly, it is often because of a problem on your computer. Before submitting a customer support ticket to our technical support team, please read the documentation below carefully to help you solve your SpyHunter activation issues.

Here are four of the most common problems SpyHunter customers encounter when activating or updating SpyHunter and ways to solve them.

  1. Problem #1: Username and/or password are mistyped.
  2. Problem #2: A firewall program, such as Norton Internet Security, McAfee, Zone Alarm, Avast! and others, prevents SpyHunter from accessing the Intenet.
  3. Problem #3: The “Work Offline” is checked in the Internet Explorer or Firefox settings. Therefore, when you try to activate or update SpyHunter, you receive the error message “No Internet connection is available”.
  4. Problem #4: You did not receive the “Order Confirmation” email which you should receive after you purchase SpyHunter and has your activation details.
  5. Problem #5: Spybot-S&D or a spyware infection has blocked SpyHunter and/or domain.

If you’re experiencing problems #1, #2 or #3, please follow the instructions below to re-activate SpyHunter.

How to Successfully Re-Activate SpyHunter

Note: You do not need to re-purchase SpyHunter, if prompted.

  1. Disable any firewall software program running on your computer such as Norton Internet Security, McAfee, Zone Alarm, Avast! and others. They might interfere with the activation of SpyHunter. You can turn your firewall back on after the activation is successful.
  2. Make sure that your Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser does not have “Work Offline” checked. If “Work Offline” is checkmarked, it means it is enabled and SpyHunter will not activate. To uncheck the “Work Offline” option, open an Internet Explorer or Firefox window and click File (on the top left corner) and uncheck “Work Offline”.
  3. Next, open “SpyHunter”.
  4. Click the “Options” tab (located on the left side menu of the SpyHunter).
  5. Enter you “username (Email address)” and “password” and click on “Activate Now” button.Note: Make sure you enter your password slowly as you will not be able to see it, otherwise it will not work. Also, make sure there are no spaces before or after your username or password. It’s very important that you erase any information previously stored in the username and password fields. In some cases, username and password fields get corrupted upon update.

Your SpyHunter is now successfully activated on your computer, and you will not need to go through this process again.

Did Not Receive “Order Confirmation” Email with Account Info?

If you’re experiencing problem #4, here are some possible scenarios as to why you did not receive the “Order Confirmation” email:

  • Either your spam blocker, your ISP or your email client are blocking the “Order Confirmation” email. We recommend you check your spam folder to ensure that the “Order Confirmation” email has not been filtered as spam or ask your ISP if they are blocking any email from Enigma Software Group.
  • You mistyped your email address during the purchase process. If you believe that you mistyped your email address at the time of the purchase, please contact our vendor

If for any reason you did not receive your “Order Confirmation” email, please call our vendor to obtain your SpyHunter account information.

A representative will be able to either provide you with your account information over the phone or fix a mistyped email address, as well as resend your account information.

You may contact at 1-800-999-2734 (for international callers 1-719-576-0123) or via email at Please have your order number available. If you do not have your order number, please have the credit card used to purchase SpyHunter available as needs the credit card number to be able to locate your order number. BE AWARE THAT YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED AGAIN.

Please ask the representative for your username and password on the account and then follow the activation instructions on “How to Register and Activate SpyHunter.

I have Spybot-S&D or a malware infection that’s blocked SpyHunter and/or domain.

If you’re experiencing problem #5, this is because Spybot-S&D or a spyware infection has maliciously blocked our website ( and the ability for SpyHunter’s “Update” feature to function. This is made possible by inserting lines of command in the Hosts file which can prevent several SpyHunter customers from updating or even accessing our website.

Even if you uninstall Spybot-S&D or remove the spyware infection, you may still experience activation or updating issues because the restrictions added may still remain on your Hosts file.

The Hosts file is a system file made for system administrators only and that should not be automatically changed. In some cases, entries added to the Hosts file get locked by the windows system and must be cleaned manually.

Spybot-S&D’s latest version is no longer blocking SpyHunter or If you’ve had Spybot-S&D previously installed, there’s no guarantee that an update of Spybot-S&D will fix the problem. The best approach to fix the SpyHunter or blocking issue is by manually cleaning your Hosts file.

In the meantime, you can fix the SpyHunter activation and/or updating problems, you must clean the hosts file.

Please follow the How to Clean Your Hosts File instructions below to enable SpyHunter’s “Update” feature.

How to Clean Your Hosts File

Below are instructions on how to clean your hosts file. Please follow the instructions even if you do not have Spybot-S&D installed, since the activation and/or updating problems could be caused by a malware infection.

  1. Open “Notepad” (Located under “All” > “Programs” > “Accessories”).
  2. Click “File” and click “Open”.
  3. In the “File Name” box, type the following (depending on what operating system you have):For Windows XP & Vista type: C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSETCHOSTS
    For Win 98ME type: C:WINDOWSHOSTS
  4. Click on the “Open” button.
  5. Click “File” and click “Save As”.
  6. In the “File Name” box, type “HOSTS-CLEAN” and in the “Save as Type”, choose the option “All Files”, and click “Save”.
  7. Delete all the entries that do not have a # in front of it, except for the entry localhost.Important: The entry “ localhost” should be the only entry not deleted.
  8. Click “File”, click “Save” and close “Notepad”.
  9. Click Start (the Windows Flag Button on Vista), and choose “RUN”. In the open box, type the following (depending on what operating system you have):For Windows XP & Vista type: C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSETC
    For Windows 2K type: C:WINNTSYSTEM32DRIVERS
    For Win 98ME type: C:WINDOWS
  10. Click on the “OK” button.
  11. In the “ETC” Window, locate the file named “HOSTS”, right-click the file “HOSTS” and choose Rename, and rename it to “HOSTS-OLD”.
  12. Locate the file named “HOSTS-CLEAN”, right-click the file “HOSTS-CLEAN”, choose “Rename”, and rename it to “HOSTS”.
  13. Close all the windows and reboot your computer.
  14. Once the computer reboots, open a browser window and go to “”. If you’re able to access “”, you’ve successfully cleaned your Hosts file. Next step is to check if SpyHunter’s “Update” feature works. To test if the “Update” problem has been fixed, open SpyHunter, go to the “Update” tab and click on the “Definitions Update” button. A window scanning for new updates should appear and SpyHunter will update in a matter of seconds.

If after following any of the instructions above, you are still having problems activating SpyHunter or is not able to assist you, please fill out the “SpyHunter Activation Inquiries” form on and one of technicians will contact you.

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