Tips to Avoid Malware Viruses

The thing is that anti-virus software can’t help you to protect your computer from dangerous threats intending to enter the system. What you need is to invent the program which will include the actions helping to avoid attacks completely, so you can be sure everything is made for the sake of your PC’s security. Here are these provided.

Action #1

Check one more time whether your anti-virus is updated and perform the system scan again. Keeping the un-updated version in your PC can be the first mistake, while trying to believe it is still useful.

Action #2

Each time you eliminate any threats with Spyhunter removal tool, the next step is the cleaning of the browser.  Rely on the steps below helping to perform IE browser’s cleanup.

For Internet Explorer:

  • Go to Tools, and after that to Internet Options.
  • In the section General, configure default Home page to the one you wish.
  • Finally, choose Delete cookies, Delete files, and also Delete history. Press OK, for confirmation.

If you would also like to use your browser more safely, so infections can’t enter the system so easily, navigate to the  security settings of your Internet Explorer browser.

  • Go to Security tab.
  • Change the settings in such way that anytime you save or install something new, you would be warned.  You are advised to make ActiveX content to prompt. However, if you change the browser security settings to a very high level, this means that everytime you enter a particular site, you cannot get benefits from all its functions. So, be careful.

Action #3

Uninstallation. You are suggested to uninstall the unneeded software that enters the system together with malware. Such malicious, file-sharing programs can be identified, if you ask yourself whether you really know where it comes from or what is it used for. If you don’t know, these programs most likely have entered the system without your knowledge, bundled together with freeware, shareware or spyware. Such programs usually have a spyware in itself, that’s why you may often notice irritating pop-ups.

The uninstallation process:

  • Navigate to Control Panel, choose Add/Remove Programs. Look for the programs that are unnecessary for you and uninstall it. However, some of them can seem more difficult to remove, as you must turn your computer to the Safe Mode regime.

Action #4:

Regular system scans. For this, use Spyhunter. Rely on SpyHunter’s Scan Scheduler which gives you the opportunity to have you system’s scans performed regularly. Hence, you will constantly get to know whether any threats managed to enter the system while you were surfing the net.

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