How To Use SpyHunter’s System File Protection

This kind of option, called System File Protection, is promoted by Spyhunter anti-malware. This is dedicated for protection of other files presented in the operating system, not to be modified without the authorization. If you are ready to make System File Protection option active, please, pay attention to the Activate System File Monitor checkbox and check it. After, choosing this option to be activated, everythime Syhunter finds a modification, you are warned with the appearing dialog box. For the review of added or deleted items that are doubted, navigate to Entries Added section, as well as Entries Removed.

In case you find any changes done to the file were unauthorized, press Restore button, for changes to be cancelled. If, truly, you wanted to perform a file modification, choose Ignore for changes to be saved.

What is more about SpyHunter, it can be set to protect Microsoft Layered Service Provider (LSP) chain of your system. This chain is usually promoted by Microsoft DLLs, and it is known as an array of DLLs which functions as transition place of network traffics. Unfortunately, LSP chain is not a part where dangerous viruses cannot get in. When LSP chain is infected, numerous irritating pop-ups are going to bother you.

Spyhunter’s LSP Chain Protection option can be activated anytime. You will often be displayed numerous of LSP unauthorized changes. In order to make this option active, go to Network Sentry section and see whether Activate LSP Chain Protection is checked. Hence, if any changes are going to be done to LSP chain, now you will be prompted and asked for approval.

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