How To Use SpyHunter’s Advanced DNS Protection

To begin with, it would be beneficial for users to know that the teams distributing malware put many efforts into changing their deceitful DNS serves instead of your legal DNS servers. At the moment you try to go to any site, your system makes connections with DNS server in order to determine the title of the domain (e.g. to an IP address. Such determined IP lets you to reach the wanted website and be connected to it.

Another thing is that if malignant software succeeds to add its deceitful DNS server to your system’s registry, you are then constantly redirected to the sites with bad intentions. The site that you will see can look as if it was reliable and familiar, but truly, it can only be a huge lie. Hence, consequently, you can face a lot of further problems, including password, identity thefts and etc.

dns settings 400x367 How To Use SpyHunter’s Advanced DNS Protection

After such explanation, you may have already understood that SpyHunter’s Advanced DNS Protection component is created to pay attention to the DNS servers and react to any suspicious changes that can be ever done.  In order to perform the activation of this component, just mark the box of Activate Advanced DNS Protection which can be found in Network Sentry section. Finally, if you care about the present DNS serves, these are provided in the same Network Sentry section and available anytime you want.

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