How to Uninstall SpyHunter

To perform SpyHunter anti-malware’s uninstallation, rely on the tips below:

  • Choose Start, then go to Control Panel (can be firstly Settings and only then Control Panel)
  • In this section, press twice on Add or Remore Programs (for Windows XP)/ Programs (for Windows Vista).
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  • When you are provided with the items, look for SpyHunter signs. At the moment it is found, press on SpyHunter entry one time. You will be shown Remove or Change/Remove key below the Spyhunter name, so press on it.
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  • During the process choose Uninstall selection.
  • Finally, leave Add/Remove Programs section as well as Control Panel.
  • Review you system’s Desktop to ensure yourself thatSpyHunter was completely uninstalled and no signs of it, or icons are left.  If you notice any remaining, remove these. Here are the examples of these icons: spyhunterFULL.exe; SpyHunterS.exe; or just SpyHunter.

 How to Delete SpyHunter Folder

The next advices are provided for you to know how Spyhunter folder can be removed. Rely on these 4 main steps:

  • Using your Desktop or by navigating to Start, find and press on My Computer.
  • Then, go to Local Drive(C:) section.
  • In this section, find and press twice on Program Files.
  • Finally, eliminate the foolder named SpyHunter.

After you have finnished performing Spyhunter‘s uninstallation and also removed its folder, restart the PC.

How to Re-Download and Re-Install SpyHunter?

So, as you have restarted the PC, navigate to “How to Download SpyHunter” section to find out how to download this anti-malware and then go to “How to Install SpyHunter” section to get to know how to install it.

IMPORTANT: For re-downloading and re-installation procedures to be successfully completed, repeat these processes once more, but do not rely on any files that have remained on your system.