How to Download SpyHunter

SpyHunter 4 is reliable anti-malware tool able to trace and safely erase various kinds of viruses present on the operating system, such as worms, redirects, spyware, trojans and etc. If you have heard about Spyhunter removal tool before, you may have already got it’s free version. However, if now you would like to get it’s full version, rely on the tips of how to download the full version of SpyHunter given in this article.

Note: Pay attention to the fact that you can easily use Spyhunter’s free version which includes only limited array of features. However, if you would like to use Spyhunter without any limits and get benefit from all its features, including, Spyware HelpDesk, free customer support, or daily definition updates you must download the full version of Spyhunter 4.

If you have any problems with SpyHunter’s performance, you can download it once again any time. The only thing you need to do is to rely on the tips provided below. Remember! You don’t have to pay additionally for re-downloading Spyhunter software.

Before downloading Spyhunter software with its full features, notice two facts:

  • Before starting Spyhunter downloading process, please, ensure that none of SpyHunter windows are opened.
  • Check whether firewall software on your PC is already disabled, so it won’t disturb for Spyhunter to be successfully downloaded.

Here are the instructions on how to download Spyhunter removal tool:

Free Download
  1. Go to any browser you use and enter  address.
  2. In the Members Section box (on the right), type your email and password. (If you have troubles with the password, you can check the confirmation  email which includes the information regarding password).
  3. Now you find yourself in Members Section page. Go to Download Information section, look for the blue download button and save the file to your PC. Don’t where exactly the file was saved. To tell the truth, you are advised to save this file to the computer’s Desktop, so you won’t be confused where to find it next time. The title of file can be different, but it still includes ‘Spyhunter’ phrase in itself and its full name can be one of these: SpyHunterS.exe,      spyhunterFULL_2U.exe or spyhunterFULL.exe.
  4. Then, click twice on the installed file and fulfill the installation process fully. Note: If you have Windows Vista installed on your computer, do not click on the installation file. You must make a right-click on the SpyHunter installation file and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR option.
  5. Right after the installation is ended, Spyhunter shortcut becomes visible on  your Desktop. Look for the icon in gray mixed with blue.  Press twice on this icon for the software  to be launched.
    Note: After installation process, remove Spyhunter shortcut from the computer’s Desktop. It is necessary for your own benefit, as installation program is no more useful for you, so you won’t be confused in the future.
  6. The final step is to verify whether definition updates are present or not. Moreover, if you already haven’t done this, now enter your account data in SpyHunter Settings section and also, activate SpyHunter. For exact instructions on how to do it, navigate to “How to Register and Activate SpyHunter”.

If you need the visual explanation on how to install SpyHunter anti-malware, navigate to “How to Install SpyHunter”.