How to Clean Your Hosts File

In this section, you will be given tips telling how to clean the hosts file of your system. As the serious virus can be the reasong why Spyhunter’s launching/upddating cannot be properly complete, can be rely on the tips.

  • Go to All programs, then Accessories and here, find the Notepad.
  • Then, press on File and then on Open.
  • Where the File Name window is, enter this text:
  • -          Windows 2K: C:WINNTSYSTEM32DRIVERSHOSTS
  • -          Win 98ME: C:WINDOWSHOSTS
  • Then, find and press on Open option.
  • Press on File and then choose Save As option.
  • Where the File Name window is,enter HOSTS-CLEAN.  Where you are asked to select Save as Type,  go with All Files selection and press on Save.
  • Eliminate the items having no # in the beginning. NOTE: ignore item.
  • Press on File, then Save and leave the Notepad
  • Navigate to Start, and go to RUN. In the shown window, enter what is given below:
  • -          Windows XP & Vista: C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSETC
  • -          Windows 2K: C:WINNTSYSTEM32DRIVERS
  • -          Win 98ME: C:WINDOWS
  • Choose OK.
  • Where the ETC location is, find the entry called HOSTS, make a right click on it, and select Rename option. Change the entries’ nameto HOSTS-OLD.
  • Then, similarly, find the entry called HOSTS-CLEAN, make a right click on it,select Rename option. Change the entries’ nameto HOSTS.
  • Then, finish all processes and restart the PC.
  • When PC is turned on, go to any browser you use and visit website. If you see that this site is easily available for you, it means the Hosts file’s cleaning procedure was perfectly performed.
  • Then, you have to check Update component in Spyhunter. You should see how it performs. To do this, navigate to SpyHunter, then to Update section and press on Definitions Update. Finally, you should be displayed a scan window, so it means that Spyhunter will be soon updated.

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