Frequent Issues After SpyHunter Eliminates Virus

Once, with the help of Spyhunter, you finish eliminating threats from your computer, you may face some usual issues. In the next paragraphs, you are provided with the most common issues and the advices on how to overcome it.

Not able to modify Internet Explorer home page

  • Go to SpyHunter 4. Here, find Internet Explorer Homepage Protection section and then  navigate to Network Sentry.
  • Trace Activate Internet Explorer Homepage Protection box and mark it.
  • Then, mark Use. Enter the name of the site you would like to be the home page.

You are displayed (Desktop background) a warning  stating that vius have entered the system and you can nothing to do with this.

To eliminate the annoying warning from your Desktop, rely on these tips:

  • Navigate to Start, then Control Panel, then Display. Then go to Desktop section, press on Customize Desktop and then on Web section.
  • Finally, unmark all the boxes. Choose OK. Then, choose another picture to be the background and press Apply and OK, for confirmation.

If, while relying on these steps, you are not able to trace Desktop section, use the advices given below:

  • Go to Start and Run.In the shown window, enter gpedit.msc text.
  • Then, you will be given Group Policy window. Thenpress twice on User Configuration.
  • Press tiwce on Administrative Templates, on Control Panel and on Display.
  • When you will be given the item stating Hide Desktop tab, press twice on it and mark the selectioncalled Enabled.
  • Choose Apply and after that OK.
  • One more time press twice on Hide Desktop section, and mark the selection called Disabled.
  • Choose Apply and after that OK.
  • Leave Group Policy window. Then, navigate again to Display Properties. So now, forbackground to be modified, perform the steps that are given in previous lines, on how to eliminate the annoying warning from your Desktop.

Task Manager, Registry Editing Tool (REGEDIT) or Control Panel are not available

If one of these items, Registry Editing Tool (REGEDIT), Control Panel or Task Manager, cannot be accessed, rely on these steps:

  • Go to SpyHunter 4 and press on Option section.
  • Mark the selection named Prompt if any important windows components are disabled as well as Prompt if web content is used on desktop.
  • Find SpyHunter icon, which is on the right, on the bottom.
  • Press twice on it, and select Exit.
  • Go to SpyHunter once again. You will be told to renew the component that was disabled.

Virus Alert!!!’ warning is displayed.

For ‘Virus Alert!!!’ warning to be erased,  perform these actions:

  • Go to Start and choose Run.
  • Enter regedit, into the show window.
  • Disclose HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelInternational, in the registry editor windows.
  • Trace TimeFormat option, which is on the right.
  • Press twice on it and modify the Value data to h:mm:ss tt (in Edit String window). Then, choose OK for confirmation, and reboot the PC.

Desktop screensaver is not the one you have selected.

For unwelcomed screensaver to be erased, rely on these tips:

  • Navigate to Start, then Control Panel. Go to Display, and then Screensaver section.
  • Here, select the screensaver you wish and choose OK.

You can‘t find sections like Desktop, All Programs, Screen Saver, Drives, and etc.

To tell the truth, in this case you probably have your system user account infected with disease. Choose between two selections on how to solve this issue:

Selection #1: Though we are not supporters of this selection, here, you are offered to create a new Windows user account and relocate all the information you had on your Windows from here, to this account. For the data regarding the procedure of new user‘s creation, rely on “Create and customize user accounts” passage.

Selection #2: Here, you are offered to choose between to ways. If you are WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL user, you can  rely on gpedit.msc application. Another suggestion is to perform any registry repair.

However, if you don‘t want to have additional issues, you may rely on Selection #1, which is more secure.

Once you open the site, you are shown a red X or a proxy, but not the pictures of the website.

For red X or proxy‘s elimination process to be successful, use these steps:

  • Go to IE browser.
  • Here, find the section Tool and then look for Internet Options.
  • Press on Advanced,and make sure whether Show Pictures box is marked.
  • Finally, press on OK.